When did I become the sort of person who regularly and consistently puts in 11+ hour work days without overtime? And look at the clock and say “Gosh, 8pm, I’m leaving work early tonight”.

Back to blogging Real Soon Now, I promise. Maybe even later tonight, depending what happens after I watch Batman Begins.


At the risk of being hit by vast waves of comment spam, I’ve disabled moderation on this blog. Now anyone can comment, provided that their comment passes WordPress’ automatic spam detectors.

Brave or fool-hardy? Time will tell.

This is a little bit of an experiment for me. My usual blog over on Blogger has been good to me, but there are a few things that make me unhappy: the difficulty in backing up or exporting your data, the lack of cut tags, apparently no working Linux applications that can seamlessly talk to Blogger.

So I’ll be testing out WordPress for a while. I like that they are more open than Blogger: they have a export-your-data facility. And cut tags. And you can schedule posts to happen in the future. And other goodness, of which I have barely began to explore.