The media propogandists for the war mongers in the US government are at it again: Faux News host Greg Gutfield has publically suggested that Iran, not al Qaeda or Iraq, was behind the September 11 attacks.

Well over six years after the attacks, many questions about the attacks remain unanswered. There is a vast amount of misinformation (mere errors) about the attacks, but I have no doubt that much of it is actually disinformation put out to discredit skeptics of the official government account. Knowing that we’re being lied to is easy… the hard part is telling which bits are lies, which bits are half-truths, which are mistakes and what is the truth.

Whatever happened that terrible day, it has served the Bush administration well. Not just them either: while the US economy is tanking, Exxon has reported a profit for 2007 of $40.6 billion, making nearly $1300 per second 24 hours a day, every day, for the entire year. That’s the highest reported profit of any commercial enterprise in history. And people wonder “cui bono?” about the Iraq war…