It seems that leopards aren’t the only ones that don’t change their spots, neither does the Catholic Church.

In Ireland, Cardinal Desmond Connell (who was previously urged to resign over his indifference to the child abuse committed by priests under his responsibility) has suddenly gone to the Irish High Court to block the publication of Church documents relating to the child abuse — after promising full disclosure.

The move has lead to a battle in the Church, with at least one figure publicly accusing Cardinal Connell of a cover up:

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, a former Vatican diplomat and rising star of the Irish Catholic church, wanted to hand over the files as part of his policy to create more openness in the Dublin diocese.

But without informing Martin, Connell went to the high court on Wednesday night to seek an injunction preventing the files from being handed over.


Leading Irish canon lawyer and priest Tom Doyle has openly accused Connell of a cover up.

“The only reason why Cardinal Connell would seek to prevent access to the files is because they contain incriminating evidence. He is attempting to hide behind legal doctrine. This is not privileged information,’ he said.