I don’t think much of Amazon’s supposedly-targeted advertising emails, or “spam” as I call them. It’s annoying enough that they keep sending me emails pushing their products: I know what Amazon sells, don’t call me, I’ll call you. But what really gets me is emails like the following:

Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Because you’ve bought Mangas, you might like to know you can download free shows from Amazon’s huge new anime store and save up to 30% on seasons. Watch them tonight on your PC or TiVo box.

Mangas? I’ve never bought a manga video in my life, not from Amazon, not from anyone.

And in fact, while I am very interested in purchasing videos by download for watching on my PC, Amazon isn’t interested in selling them to me. They know where I live, so I don’t know why they keep trying to sell me something that they have no intention of providing.