I recently came across this post that briefly discussed the loss of life in the trenches of World War One:

1.4 million French killed in WWI, of a population of 39 million.  3.6% of the total population, and mostly young men.  Fewer than 1 million U.S. soldiers have been killed in all wars in our history and that includes Confederate soldiers.

I had never quite realised just how badly France had suffered in WW1. I’ve frequently been critical of France’s spiteful ill-treatment of Germany after the war, treatment which probably contributed more than anything else to WW2. But, considering the blood they shed to defend their homes, with more than one in ten people killed or wounded, I’m more understanding of them being such poor winners.

I still think they were wrong to do so, but their actions are more understandable.

France had 11% of its people killed or wounded; Austro-Hungary 10%; Germany 9%; Great Britain 8%; Italy nearly 6% and even Australia about 5%.